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When you're planning to convert a loft, energy efficiency may be far from your mind. However, it should be one of the things you carefully consider. If your home is energy efficient, you can expect to spend less money heating and cooling it. That translates into more money for saving or having a good time, rather than just spending all of your money paying bills. Furthermore, energy efficient loft conversions are more comfortable than those that don't take energy efficiency into consideration.

When planning energy efficient loft conversions, insulation plays a key role. Proper insulation keeps the heat in, helping you to avoid drafts and astronomical fuel bills. If insulation is already present in your loft, it can be improved or enhanced to meet current building regulations or even surpass them.

Another consideration for planning energy efficient loft conversions is your windows. If your windows feature single glazing, consider replacing it with double or even triple glazing. Choose low-emissivity glass if possible. This type of glass is excellent for letting the warmth of the sun in, while preventing the escape of heat. You might also want to consider trickle vents. These vents can provide fresh air while simultaneously serving to enhance and improve security.

For lighting in energy efficient loft conversions, consider installing low-energy lamps. You may be surprised to learn about the longevity of low energy lamps. They actually last much longer than regular lamps. In fact, with typical use they can be expected to last about 12 times as long as regular lamps. Purchase low energy lamps to save more on your power bills.

Keep in mind that energy efficient loft conversions are helpful for more than reducing your energy bills and keeping you comfortable. They can also add real value to your home. As it stands, a well-handled loft conversion can add worth to your home, helping you to garner a higher price when you choose to sell or rent. If you add in energy efficiency, you now have an even more valuable loft conversion in your home, making your home worth even more.

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