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Loft Conversion Flooring Options

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Flooring Options

It is of the utmost importance that flooring in a loft conversion is structurally sound. Without strong flooring, safety hazards will exist. Don't skimp when it comes to the flooring of a loft conversion. Be sure to use quality materials and follow the recommendations of the experts to keep your floor fixed in place and your household members safe.

When you begin your loft conversion, you'll be starting out with existing ceiling joists. These joists will not be capable of supporting your flooring and all that you plan to do with it. Ceiling joists are intended for supporting ceiling boards. They typically do not have the strength to support an additional household level, people, flooring, and various furnishings.

Often, there is a simple solution for flooring in a loft conversion. A technique called the sistering of joists can be used to reinforce joists and make flooring stronger. Some loft conversions, however, call for something different. In some cases, a better solution is to use reinforced steel joists. These joists can provide support to a loft conversion that does not have a full supporting wall beneath it. Reinforced steel joists are frequently used for open plan loft conversions.

Care should be taken in choosing flooring in a loft conversion. It is imperative that the flooring chosen is strong enough to last for decades to come and durable enough to handle all the abuse you can inflict upon it. Your choice in flooring is particularly important if you plan to use your loft conversion for anything other than a storage room. If you plan to have foot traffic and furniture on it, you need to make certain your floors can handle it.

If you are planning flooring in a loft conversion that is designed to be a playroom, take special care in ensuring that the materials you use are high quality and strong. Children are hard on floors. They enjoy an endless stream of jumping, running, rough play, and wrestling. Make sure your flooring can handle it all.

Flooring in a loft conversion must be able to handle not only the activities of your household members, but also their combined weight. It must also be able to handle the weight of those who will be using the new room in conjunction with all the furniture you plan to put on it. Additionally, flooring materials should be able to stand up against dampness, cold, and heat.

For help in choosing and installing flooring in a loft conversion, contact a professional contractor. You can also locate information about various flooring materials online. Remember, a carefully planned and constructed loft conversion can add space and value to your home.

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